Seminar offered in summer term 2024

Applications possible between March 1st and March 15th through the central seminar allocation procedure at the department

2024/02/29 by

The Chair of Management Science / Operations Research will offer a master's seminar entitled “A literature seminar on the subject of warehousing” in the upcoming summer term 2024.

Seminar description:

Buffering the material flow along the supply chain in warehouses is a crucial step in order to accommodate variability caused by factors such as product seasonality and/or batching in production and transportation. By doing so, different planning problems such as storage assignment, order picking and consolidation, packing, and shipping arise within the warehouse. Especially the fast growth of the e-commerce business characterized by a vast number of small orders and high time pressure increases the strategic role of warehousing and creates a need for optimization of the different subtasks.

The goal of this seminar is to review state-of-the-art literature tackling warehousing problems and analyze models as well as solution procedures from an Operations Research perspective. As a first step, each seminar group will be assigned a research paper from the field of warehousing, which they are asked to thoroughly read and comprehend. Subsequently, the groups are required to conduct a literature review on related topics. The assigned research paper and the results of the literature review will be presented in a seminar presentation as well as a seminar paper.


-Groups of 4 students each

-Seminar presentation will be held in front of all participants. Pros and Cons of the presented work will be discussed (so-called friendly review)

-Seminar paper must be submitted by the end of the semester. Input from the presentation must be addressed and discussed.


Prior knowledge in Operations Research required! It is recommended that only students who have successfully completed the basic module Operations Research and/or the master module Warehousing & Delivery Logistics apply for the seminar.

Language: English (for both, the presentation as well as the paper)


Via the central seminar allocation.

Further information can be found in the summary slides attached to this page.