Booking optimization in Car-Sharing: How modern mobility concepts can be made more efficient

New publication of the chair of Management Science/Operations Research


The Car-Sharing market is growing steadily and the concept is seen as an important building block for modern and sustainable mobility concepts. The shared use of vehicles brings many benefits for the environment and consumers – such as higher resource utilization or access to different vehicle sizes. However, current implementations of Car-Sharing do not exploit the full potential of the concept. The latest publication by Felix Weidinger, together with Nils Boysen (FSU Jena) and Szymon Albiński (formerly TU Munich), investigates how optimized booking policies can make modern free-floating car-sharing systems more efficient. Among other findings, it can be shown that the approach allows to reduce the vehicle fleet size while maintaining the same service quality, which saves resources and costs.

The article appeared in the European Journal of Operational Research: